It is with deep sorrow and profound sadness that we announce the passing of Yukuo Takenaka, the esteemed founder of Takenaka Partners. A trailblazer in the world of global business, Yukuo’s visionary leadership and unwavering commitment have left an indelible mark on our firm and the industry at large.

Yukuo Takenaka, born in Japan, began his illustrious career at the Los Angeles office of KPMG, overcoming challenges in an era when opportunities for minorities in nationally recognized accounting firms were scarce. Through his persistence and dedication, he ascended the ranks swiftly, achieving the esteemed position of partner within just eight years. In 1989, Yukuo founded Takenaka Partners, a firm that has grown into a global force, offering a range of services from mergers & acquisitions to global strategy consulting.

Yukuo’s impact extended beyond the boardroom, as he became a trusted advisor to Japanese companies seeking to expand internationally. His linguistic advantage and passion for globalization positioned him as the preferred investment banker for Japanese firms entering the U.S. market. He was not just a leader but a mentor, guiding CEOs and executives to adopt a global mindset and navigate the intricacies of cultural differences. His legacy lives on in the success stories of the companies he guided, the colleagues he inspired, and the bridges he built between nations.

Takenaka Partners extends its deepest condolences to Yukuo’s family and friends. As we mourn the loss of a visionary leader, we also celebrate the enduring impact of his contributions to our firm and the global business community.

For further inquiries, please contact Managing Director, Kristine Fujita, kfujita@takenakapartners.com.


Global Network

Since our inception, our firm is well-known for a long-established network of contacts particularly in Corporate Asia. We have unparalleled access to key decision makers in the region. In 2013, we increased our global network by becoming a member of the World Services Group (“WSG”) which has over 130 globally recognized law and accountancy firms in over 115 countries. Our founder, Mr. Yukuo Takenaka, was elected as an honorable WSG board member as a result of his commendable lifetime achievements and outstanding contributions. Takenaka Partners is the only investment banking firm currently represented on the WSG board. Our membership in WSG allows us to serve our clients’ transaction needs across the globe.

Executive Leadership

Takenaka Partners is a recognized pioneer and leader in the M&A industry. We are especially noted for our role as a leading advisor to Asian corporations. Takenaka Partners advises clients on every transactional engagement to realize the best possible solution and outcome for our clients’ business success. Each transaction is also led and managed by a team of seasoned executives with credentials from globally recognized investment banks, financial institutions, Big 4 accounting firms, corporate valuation advisory firms and strategy consulting firms.

Successful Deal Experience

We have enjoyed a long and successful history of executing cross-border transactions despite many global economic downcycles. Our transaction experience covers buy-side and sell-side M&A deals, strategic partnerships, joint ventures and minority investments covering a multitude of industries. Our professionals have multicultural and multilingual capabilities enabling our clients to overcome barriers and communication issues that often arise in cross-border transaction negotiations.

Greenfield Research

Greenfield Research is one of our premier, value-added services for industry and market research as well as target company identification and screening. We believe that our Greenfield Research services combined with on-site visits to selected target companies, which we coordinate, are the most effective, exclusive and proactive way to identify the most appropriate transaction partners for our clients to consider.

Client Satisfaction

Our primary goal, on every assignment, is to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations and actively contribute to the successful achievement of their strategic goals and objectives. We believe that our staff’s hard work, dedication and attentiveness have helped us to earn a high level of appreciation and respect from our clients. We have enjoyed building long-term relationships by working with clients on multiple strategic assignments.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your business needs.