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Greenfield Research is one of our premier, value-added services for industry and market research as well as target company identification and screening.

Our Industry and Market Research Services include:

Industry and Market Research: We provide comprehensive research services to help clients investigate and validate potential market opportunities for growth. Our research provides clients with valuable industry and market intelligence to assess market size and potential, growth drivers, trends, future opportunities, risks, considerations and key players among other pertinent information.

  • Understand client’s strategic goals and objectives
  • Obtain clear definition of the industry and markets of interest
  • Perform industry and market research to gain intelligence on critical factors such as market size and potential, growth drivers, trends, future opportunities, risks, considerations and key players
  • Perform a competitive analysis of the key market players including an assessment of their market position, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks
Our Target Research and Screening Services include:

Research and Screening of Potential Transaction Partners or Acquisition Targets: A large percentage of strategic transactions are unsuccessful because of the lack of diligent research to identify the most ideal target companies to partner with, invest in or acquire. Our proprietary research services include comprehensive processes and procedures to identify and screen for the most suitable target companies for our clients to consider. As part of our research services, we also arrange for on-site visits to selected target companies. We strongly believe that the combination of our extensive research and company visits is the most effective, exclusive and proactive way to identify and evaluate potential partners and target companies for any strategic transaction.

  • Obtain a detailed understanding of our client’s business strategy, goals and objectives
  • Assist clients in defining detailed research criteria and parameters that best describe the ideal target company or strategic partners
  • Research and identify target companies or strategic partners based on defined search criteria
  • Assess and screen potential target companies or strategic partners
  • Prioritize target companies or strategic partners and assist in the selection process
  • Arrange visits to selected target companies or strategic partners
  • Determine ideal target company or strategic partner based on consideration of client’s strategic goals and objectives, potential synergies, organizational and cultural fit and potential feasibility of the transaction

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Our clients rely on us to assist with comprehensive business and financial due diligence of selected target companies for strategic partnerships, joint ventures and merger and acquisition transactions.

Our Financial Due Diligence Services focus on the following:
  • Assess the use of relevant accounting policies, procedures and adherence to industry-accepted standards
  • Assess accounting and business systems utilized
  • Identify key business drivers, sources of value and risks that impact the business
  • Analyze and understand trends in the historical financials
  • Review key performance metrics achieved
  • Review quality of revenues, earnings and supporting information
  • Identify financial abnormalities that may affect cash flow and earnings
  • Assess the financial health of the company
  • Review and validate key balance sheet items
  • Review off-balance sheet assets and liabilities
  • Identify unrecorded, unrecognized or continent liabilities
  • Analyze cash flow needs and requirements, including capital expenditures and working capital
  • Identify Pre-Closing and Post-Closing Issues, including purchase price adjustment mechanisms
Our Business Due Diligence Services focus on the following:
  • Review information on the corporation type, date of incorporation, organizational structure, including the names of each subsidiary and affiliate entity and their locations and business purpose
  • Review the company’s history, key milestones and recent events
  • Review the company’s ownership structure, any agreements relating to equity ownership, warrants, options or similar instruments
  • Review the company’s organizational structure, employee information such as headcount by functional area, turnover, history of complaints, claims, etc.
  • Assess the management team through interviews, relationship with key shareholders
  • Review organizational matters such as employee benefits and other HR issues
  • Review key business contracts, leases, and insurance contracts
  • Understand the company’s business operations, its products and/or services, customers, supply chain, distribution channels, sales and marketing activities, etc.
  • Review key operating metrics
  • Analyze industry growth, market factors/trends and competitive landscape
  • Review strategic, commercial and operational issues
  • Review long-term business outlook, strategic goals and potential synergies

We perform corporate valuation advisory services for clients to support their investment or purchase price decisions for strategic partnerships, joint ventures and merger and acquisition transactions. Our professionals have extensive backgrounds in core valuation concepts and have prior experience from global accounting firms, independent valuation firms and nationally recognized investment banks. Our valuation service is catered to our clients’ needs.

Our Corporate Valuation Services include:
  • Determine the appropriate corporate or business valuation methodologies for the valuation purpose
  • Building and reviewing financial forecast models, if needed
  • Determine corporate value for buy- and sell-side transaction purposes
  • Assist clients in identifying opportunities that will maximize the company’s value for sell-side transactions

Takenaka Partners provides a broad range of services throughout the entire transaction process to ensure timely deal progress and a successful outcome for our client.

Our Transaction Advisory Services include:
  • Provide full execution support from early discussions to negotiations and closing
  • Assist in the preparation of sell-side M&A marketing material such as teasers, confidential information memorandums, process letters, etc.
  • Assist in data room preparation and support in managing buyer diligence requests for sell-side M&A engagements
  • Develop appropriate negotiating strategies for all transaction types
  • Provide recommendations for appropriate deal structures, terms and conditions
  • Provide suggestions for counter-offers and alternatives
  • Communicate and cooperate with appropriate parties (management, legal counsel, accountants or other third-party advisors)
  • Assist in the drafting of offer letters or other letters (e.g., expression of interest, letter of intent, or memorandums of understanding, etc.)
  • Review the definitive agreements and other legal documents to ensure that the deal terms and conditions, which are agreed upon by the parties, are appropriately reflected in such documents
  • Provide any other assistance necessary to ensure that the transaction is closed successfully in a timely and efficient manner

We assist clients in defining their corporate strategy and vision to accomplish their most complex and challenging global business goals as well as maximizing shareholder value. In particular, we have demonstrated success in helping our non-Asian clients in developing and executing strategic plans to enter into the Japanese and East Asian markets through our long-established relationships in those regions.


Takenaka Partners provides a variety of other services for our clients including the following:

Financial and Operational Reviews

We review the financial and operational performance of companies while investigating and identifying potential problem areas of concern. After a comprehensive analysis, we offer concrete suggestions for improvements to the business operations, sales and profitability, cash management, working capital, processes, human resource issues and decision-making processes to enhance the overall performance of the company.

Capital Investment & Financing Assistance Services

We identify alternative sources of capital investment and financing from various strategic and financial partners in North America and Asia for growth capital, research and development, minority investments, liquidity, capital spending or other mission-critical strategic initiatives.

Global Restructuring & Reorganization Services

We work directly with clients to ensure that a comprehensive restructuring or reorganization plan is developed with realistic solutions for operational, financial and organizational structure to improve operations and cash flow position.

Post-Transaction Support Services

We provide transition and integration assistance to clients following the close of a merger, acquisition or other transaction. We also provide assistance with problem-solving, human resource management and execution support services.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your business needs.