Shizuoka Bank Selects Takenaka Partners as its Financial Advisor

Business Alliance between Shizuoka Bank and Takenaka Partners.

Shizuoka Bank (“Shizuoka BK”) has entered into a strategic alliance with Takenaka Partners LLC in Los Angeles, CA, in order to assist its clients who want to consider strategic transactions, including M&As and alliances, particularly in North America and Latin America, so that they can expand their businesses globally.

This is the first time that Shizuoka BK has entered into a strategic alliance. Under this arrangement, Shizuoka BK will introduce clients who are considering M&A or strategic alliance opportunities to Takenaka Partners, which will assist in discussing these clients’ global strategies, performing greenfield research to identify potential target companies that meet their strategies and criteria, and executing M&A/alliance transactions. In return, Shizuoka BK will provide these clients with acquisition financing as well as working capital.

Over 25 of Shizuoka BK’s automotive parts manufacturer clients have made investments in Mexico, including a well-known Japanese giant. Shizuoka BK commented, “Many clients have shown interest in M&A or strategic alliance transactions instead of starting from scratch because the Americas already have a better infrastructure and legal system compared to Asian countries.”

Takenaka Partners was established in 1989 and has completed more than 200 strategic transactions. Shizuoka BK also commented, “This business alliance enables Shizuoka BK to assist its clients in their cross-border M&A and strategic alliance needs in order to promote business growth in the global market on a timelier basis.”

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your business needs.