Yukuo Takenaka Featured in QOLA Magazine

QOLA Magazine.

Yukuo Takenaka, President and CEO of Takenaka Partners LLC, was featured in the “Business Interview: Dark and Bright Sides of Life” section of QOLA Magazine, in an article subtitled “Takenaka wants to boost the new wave for the Japanese economy from overseas.” Below is a summary of the article:

Mr. Yukuo Takenaka talks about his life story from his mid-teens to the present day:

  • Mr. Takenaka is a self-proclaimed “Ohmi Shonin,” or “Merchant from Ohmi,” as his family was originally from the Ohmi district in Japan’s Shiga prefecture.
  • He moved to America when he was 15 years old and later became the first Japanese CPA in the US.
  • He was accepted as the first Japanese staff by one of the Big 4 accounting firms, KPMG, and trained in the “up-or-out” system.
  • Following the advice of Mr. Soichiro Honda, Mr. Takenaka left KPMG to start his own independent investment banking business. Mr. Honda’s advice: “The founder of business and the pioneer must retire early in order to foster those who follow after.”

Quotes from Mr. Takenaka in the article:

  • Be free from obstructive thoughts during a learning curve.
  • Be proactive rather than reactive.
  • Mr. Takenaka’s motto, “Gratitude, humbleness and creativity,” indicates his three keys to success. Always capture things positively, in the spirit of gratitude, and continue to learn with a humble heart. Creative thinking enables you to use more brain power than any computer is capable of.
  • Mr. Takenaka earnestly enjoys assisting Japanese companies in achieving their globalization goals from overseas.

Download the full article here.

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